Saturday, 29 November 2008

BZOCA member from KB

Good morning BZOCAs and readers. Representing BZOCA member from KB (no official name yet), here is a tastefully modded Z that went widebody, customs style. The pics below don't do justice, this Z must be viewed in person to appreciate the custom works. Well done bro and we'll see you soon.

Unique colour

Mean fronts...

 well as the rear

DillyZ in the background

Friday, 28 November 2008

Final teaser for this week

Another Z went under the knife with a new kit. 85% done so far. Another Z to look forward to next week. Well done BZOCAs. Keep it up.

Another teaser for this week

Here is another teaser from our fellow member. Its in the midst of completion and expected to be out by next week.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

BZOCA meeting 29th Nov 2008

Notice to all BZOCA members, there will be a meeting held this coming 29th Nov 2008, which is on Saturday. Meeting time at 8 pm. General matter that need to be discussed is our final event for the year to cap off the year 2008 and also plan for next year's event. Will text later about the venue so please come. Thank you and drive safe.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

This week's teaser

Boys with their toys. A new part just came in this week. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Rims for sale

Another unique set of rims up for sale by one of our BZOCA members. Grab this chance to own a nice set of shoes.

Brand: Fabulous Various MB-5
Size: 19x8.0 fronts and 19x10.0 rear
Offset: Will update
PCD: 5x114.3
Colour: Chrome
Others: Rims can fit rides with PCD 5x114.3

Tyres (New and optional)
Front size & brand: 245/35/19 Michellin
Rear size & brand: 285/35/19 Michellin
Condition: New

Price: 6k for rims & tyres. 3.8k just for rims.


For furthur inquires please contact 8988616 or email to Thank you for viewing.

Sunday Cruise 16th Nov 2008

Last Sunday, BZOCA had a cruise to Serasa beach right after the annual meeting by Carzine. 11 Zs turned up during that day including a few new members. Brunei Subaru Club, Blazing TYPE-R and G2C Brunei were among other clubs that joined in. Here are a few pics. Enjoy...

Lined up and ready to go...

Chargespeed rear view

Slow cuise

About to rain

Members from Tutong

More pics can be found here:
Link 1, Link 2, Link 3 and Link 4. Had a great weekend and thanks to BZOCA members who could make it.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Quote of the week

"Your stance, your taste..."

(Pic from

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Weekly Dos and Donts of Modifying

Hello BZOCAs and readers, leaving a ride in stock condition is hard to accomplish by. Even by adding a turbo timer would consider as messing with the ride already. Here at BZOCA, asking and giving suggestions to each member's next mod has become a ritual. Sharing thoughts and ideas on how they want their Zs to be, does require a second or a third opinion. The moddifying scene are full of both good and bad modifications on a particular ride.

Hence the intro of "Weekly Dos and Donts of Modifying" is posted whereby each week, a "Do" and a "Dont" of modifying in general is shared. Bare in mind this is just a guideline, it may or may not be useful but its good to share. This week's:

Do: Spend Most money on tyres

This applies to all the rides out there. The very best tyres that you can afford is the way to go as tyres are the most important components to any ride. It is the main contact patch of your ride to the road.

Decent tyres will improve your ride in term of its handling, braking power and a few other aspects. However expensive tyres does not mean its good. Therefore do your research and ask your friends on the tyres they have used before.

Dont: Compromise your safety

(Pic from

Once your on the road, safety is the main priority. You may be the most carefull driver on the road, however the drivers around you may not. Installing a full point roll cage, a quick release steering or changing bucket seats may be on the next to do list of a modder. But do bare in mind that the ride you bought do come standard with optional features that other cars do not have (i.e side and seat airbags), and you have paid for it.

Main point is, give it a good thought before installing anything that might compromise your safety and your passenger.

Thats all for this week, enjoy your weekend and drive safe.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

350Z drifter

This guy really knows what hes doing with his 350Z. Hes the 2007 Formula D driver of the year up in the states. Check out his vids from youtube and his pictures brought to you by Michael Groh. Enjoy...

Now that is an awesome entrance

Drop top Z running sideways..!!

Keep up yeah...

Mini Z anyone..?

The man himself

Chris Forsberg

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Building a show winner ride 101 (Part 1)

Good morning BZOCAs and readers. Recent car show events here in Brunei has surprised more spectators each year with their amazing mods and presentations. Each has its own taste of mods and themes. Towards the end of the show, any participant's mind would tend to be nervous during the trophy presentation and hoping to bring back at least a trophy home. On today's post, BZOCA would like to share a few tips on how to improve your chances during a car show. Enjoy...

(Pic from

Section A: Interior

Make sure it is consistent with your theme. For example, race theme with racing bucket seats and a few appropriately placed meters. Or an elegant theme with rich leather interior. For those with customs leather or vinyl interior make sure the material is consistent from panel to panel.

Section B: Eye for details

For those with wide fenders or body, make sure it flows smoothly with your current ride's body line. Avoid unexpected widening just to fit in wider rims. Rims with deep dish should be polished mirror shine.

Section C: Undercarriage

Theres no use modding and detailing your undercarriage with aftermarket items such as coilovers, braces,chamber kits and so on if it is all hidden from the judges view. Put up blocks under your wheels and flaunt your undercarriage with mirrors underneath. This is a major advantage for participants going for drifters theme whereby most of their amazing mods are definitely shown there. Another example is to take of one of your wheels to show the aftermarket items hidden back there.

Section D: Paint and vinyls

Vibrant and unique colours may help you stand out from the other participants however again choose wisely to match with your theme. Watch out for those cracks on paints and any stone chips before the show. For those who may not opted to change their body paint, body vinyls is your next cheaper option. Choose your design wisely.

Section E: Bodykit

Spending thousands of dollars on an authentic bodykit or doing a custom kit wont guarantee you in favour of the judges giving a high score. Judges will look at the paint quality finish and the fitting done to your ride. Any distortion or misalign finishes and poor fitment may cost you.

Thats all for now. Section F to G will be continued on a later post. Any comments or additional tips are welcome and may be posted up here. Thanks

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

New version of TE37

Hello BZOCAs and readers. TE37 is not an uncommon term to modders and should be part of any modder's dream wheel for its good looks and specs. During the recent SEMA show, Volk Racing has introduced a new version of TE37, namely the G2 . A quick recap on TE37, it is considered as 1 of the light weight contender in racing wheels. With the proper offsets and size, it would look great on a Z. Here are some pics brought to you by enjoy...

Choose your colour

More lip at the end

Close up

On a GTR


Monday, 17 November 2008

Quote of the week

"Now thats a view..."

(Pic from

Friday, 14 November 2008

BZOCA approved rims of the week

Hello readers and members, the past BZOCA's approved rims has been going to Volk Racing. For a change, this week the approved rims will be brought to you by Work Wheels Japan which goes to the Work VS-XX. This rim is also popular chosen rim in the USA. It has a classic BBS look and definitely looks really aggressive with deep dish offsets. Another rim for BZOCA members to think about.

Here are 5 excellent examples with different offsets, courtesy from members of (All pics from

Example 1
Size: 19 inch 9.5 Front & 10.5 Rear
Offsets: To be updated
Tyres: To be updated
Colour: Gold
Others: Dropped with H&R Sport Springs

Example 2
Size: 19 inch 9.5 Front & 11 Rear
Offsets: To be updated
Tyres: 215/35/19 Front & 275/30/19 Rear
Colour: Burning Black

Example 3
Size: 19 inch 9.5 Front & 11 Rear
Offsets: To be updated
Tyres: To be updated
Colour: Gold
Others: Dropped with Tanabe GF210 and SPC Camber

The VS-XX looks really good in 20inch too.

Example 4
Size: 20 inch 9.5 Front & 11 Rear
Offsets: To be updated
Tyres: To be updated
Colour: Burning black

Example 5
Size: 20 inch 9.5 Front & 11 Rear
Offsets: To be updated
Tyres: To be updated
Colour: Burning black

P.S: There is a set of 19 inch at ALC at the moment and will fit to non brembo Zs only. Feel free to drop buy and have a look.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

More Pics From Sungkai Meet in KB

Here are some more pics during the KB sungkai meet. Enjoy...

BZOCAs from Bandar, Tutong and KB

Valet Parking

Sadly missed but not forgotten...

Diffuser wanted :)

You cant get enough...

Sweet.. no roof..

Night scene in KB town

Non-white Zs...

Thank you for viewing and your support.

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