Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

BZOCA would like to extend a happy and warm "Selamat Hari Raya" greetings to all members, other car clubs and readers. May our fasting month be blessed and any mistakes in the past forgiven. Thank you.

Sungkai Meet 27th Sept 2008 (Part 3)

Handsome boy

Done eating with a smile

Leftover food for "sahur"


Final stop, KB town

Wrong way

Rims galore

Well done BZOCAs. Gatherings are getting better and better. Hope to see you all soon again.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Sungkai Meet 27th Sept 2008 (Part 2)

Third stop, KB and meet up with BZOCA's KB rep

Parked and awaiting for other members to arrive

Last stop, final destination


And here is our very happy MuscularZ

Sungkai Venue: 11 Sports Cafe (Sutra Biru)

New and old BZOCA members

Guess who's paying? ;)

Waiting for "sungkai" (+3 mins in KB)

Part 3 coming soon. Stay tuned...

Sungkai Meet 27th Sept 2008 (Part 1: edited)

Another successful sungkai meet by BZOCA members. This time the venue was in KB. 15 Zs attended the meet. Awesome scenery on the way to KB (despite the traffic), cool place to dine and the food was excellent. All thanks to BZOCA's representatives from KB. Here are some pics during that day. Enjoy...

First stop was at Tutong civic centre,
meet up with BZOCA's rep from Tutong.

Valet parking

New mod by Stillen

Pro photographer takin shots (waiting for his pics)

SSR rims anyone?

Newest member from KB: 300ZX

Dominated by White Zs

Wide load

2nd stop, Huaho Tutong Mall.

Part 2 coming soon. Stay tuned...

Quote of the week

"Once bitten by the modding bug, theres no turning back..."

DeneZee's ride

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

BZOCA family

Fellow Z enthusiasts in Brunei has been quite active for some time. This was before the name BZOCA was formed this year. Over the past years, new Z owners began to join in. Hence more new members gathered to discuss the same interest (which is to modify a Z). Strong bonds were created, more gatherings were made (planned and mostly unplanned) and also lending some time to accompany fellow members in deciding parts to purchase, DIY installation or even installing new parts.

We are proud to become BZOCA and represent Brunei in style. Here are some pics members behind BZOCA. Enjoy

One big happy family

Stillen (x-drifter) and BZOCA ladies ;)

All smiles from BZOCA

BZOCA’s pro photographer

Another BZOCA’s pro photographer

Having a great time during KB motorshow 2007

WaldZ and Stillen

Laughing at Stillen because of….


Amateur Photographer in the making taken by DeneZee

Late dinner in Tutong

Long time buddies

4 cylinder vs…

3 cylinders

Sungkai Meet

Hello readers and BZOCA members. As you all know, we have been fasting for more than 3 weeks. About a week plus to go before Raya starts.

There will be another sungkai meet which will be the last meet during this fasting month. So for those who didnt make it during the previous sungkai meet, please come. Below are details of the upcoming sungkai meet. So far we have 10 Zs 13Zs confirm joining.

Date: 27th Sept 2008
Day: Saturday
Venue: will text you
Meeting up time: will text you
Meeting up venue: will text you
Last confirmation date: 25th September 2008 (early seats booking)

For those new Z owners who are interested to join, please email BZOCA your name and contact details before the last confirmation date. Thank you and happy fasting.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Rims for sale

Hello readers. Heres your luck to own a set of awesome wheels. A BZOCA member is selling off his rims plus tyres. Below are the specs and details:

Brand: Volk Racing GTC model (Original Japan)
Size: 19x9.5 fronts and 19x10.5 rear
Offset: Will update soon
Colour: Silver with chrome lips
Others: Custom centre cap with Z logo

Front size & brand: 245/35/19 GT radial
Rear size & brand: 275/35/19 Bridgestone SO-3
Condition: 50% thread life

Price: 3k for rims & tyres.

Quote of the week

"Friends don't let friends drive stock"

Pics taken from my350z.com

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Sungkai Meet 14th Sept 2008 (Part 2)

Mr & Mrs Blitz ride

D1sturbZ ride

Stillen's (x drifters) ride: say no to Turbo ;)

BZOCA members rounding up to go

Arrived destination safely

Members arranging parking

Last stop after the meet

All Zs kitted with awesome shoes

Happy fasting everyone from BZOCA.

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