Tuesday, 9 November 2010

BZOCA's shirt design competition

Good morning to all. BZOCA has been running strong since 2008, organizing successful meets, outings and events by members of the club. Not forgetting with the support from other car clubs and also fans of BZOCA. So far 4 official shirts was made since 2008 (3 designs shown below).

After BZOCA's recent meeting, members have decided to make a competition to design BZOCA's next shirt. So get creative or let it be simple and win. All are welcome to submit their designs.

Here are the details of the competition:

Design:, Must incorporate with the word "BZOCA" and also "Brunei Z Owners Club Association". Any fonts can be used. Developing a logo would be a bonus.
Colour: Preferably on a white or black canvas.
Style: t-shirt or a polo shirt
Applicants: Open to all including members of BZOCA.

Prize for winner:
1) Exclusive rights for the shirt design (name printed on every shirt produced)
2) 1 pc of the new shirt will be given
3) Sponsored hidden prize

Closing date will be on the 30th November 2010. Applicants can just send thier designs to the blog's email add (preferably in jpeg format 800x600). Thank you


MuscuLarZ said...

prize hidden atu paksa sendiri cari tu sal kana tapuk, hehe.. hadiah spesel tu eh..
congrats to the winner. ehe.. melukistah ku ni.. :)

WaDi said...

wahhh.. syok'eh!!

MuscuLarZ said...

ada eyhhhhhhhhhhh........

Lady72Z said...

wahhh..!! sapa pndi design bisaiii nee..hhmmmm.. MusZ..lukis BAJU k..jan lainn..wakakakakaaa..

Zettou said...

Hahah ani yang ku kalah ni melukis2 ani stickman boleh lah xDDD

MuscuLarZ said...

lady72z - baju baju jua, hadiah kami mana? haha..

Lady72Z said...

MusZ...ada ne waaa hadiah mu sma g wade.. nxt wk tah ku bgi, ane kan cuti dluu..ehehee.. *peaceee...

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