Saturday, 27 December 2008

BBQ meet 25th Dec 2008 (Part 2)

Good morning BZOCAs and readers. Heres part 2 of the bbq meet. Enjoy...

Z mags is a must..!!

LadyZ, her friend and Royalstaaarrrr...

MuscularZ & CilsideZ

WadeZ, DeneZee & Sigfried

Karaoke mode on

Singing couple :)

Zamski, WhiteZ & CilsideZ

Invited guest :)

Light support

MBs (Meister boys)

CilsideZ's rims coming soon

Thats all for this year's events & activities from BZOCA. Would like to extend a big gratitude for all the BZOCA member's time and effort throughout 2008's events & activities. Also not forgetting other car club's invites throughout 2008, a big thank you from BZOCA and all the best for your club. We all are looking forward for 2009 for more new members, new mods, new events and also new memories. Thank you for visiting.

Friday, 26 December 2008

BBQ meet 25th Dec 2008 (Part 1)

Good morning BZOCAs and readers. Last nite's bbq was a great success despite the rain. All thanx to DeneZee's plan B. BZOCA members came in large numbers and brought more deliciuos food for the bbq. This bbq is to cap our 2008 activity for BZOCA and was done with a blast.

Good food, good friends and enjoyable activities ;). Well done fellas. A big thank you for DeneZee and his wife to sponsor the food and using his crib for the bbq. Also thank you for members who came with their contribution, rx8 club members and close friends who dropped by. Here are some pics (apologies for some blurry pics), enjoy....

Meet up at Giant...

Shiny shoes

10 BZOCAs and 1 RX8

Making a move...

System all go...

Arrival at DeneZee's crib

D1sturbZ and ChilsideZ

Ending 2008 with a blast

RX8 members

BZOCA's chef and victim of the nite

DeneZee's plan B

Packed with Zs

More to come in part 2, stay tuned...

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Spoilers to spoil your Z (Part 1)

Good morning BZOCAs and readers. On todays post, as per topic, here are some excellent examples of spoilers that you can install on your Z. Some members of BZOCAs may hav it already and some members may have an eye on it for their next mod.

A quick info on spoilers, not only its for looks but the main purpose is to generate more downforce for the Z. Here are some examples by brands, enjoy...

Power Enterprise (low mount)

Top Secret (2008 edition, low mount)

INGS +1 (low mount)

Do Luck (low mount)

Trial (low mount)

Monday, 22 December 2008

Quote of the week

"BoyZ will alwayZ be boyZ with hiZ toyZ..." (WadeZ, 2008)

(Pic from James Espiritu Photography)

Friday, 19 December 2008

Anouncement: BBQ...!!! (updated 22/12/08)

Good morning BZOCAs and to all the readers. As for members, you may all know there will be a bbq next week so please come on down, enjoy the food and activities ahead. More info will be provided if your coming

Heres a list of those who confirmed coming just to get the ball rolling ;)

1. DeneZee
2. D1sturbZ
3. MuscularZ
4. Zamski
5. WhiteZ
6. Shagojyo
7. nIk aZ
8. NoruLeZ
9. LadyZ
10. HardyZ
11. CilsideZ
12. WadeZ
13. Siegfried
14. DillyZ
15. Pak Matz
16. Bo$$
17. Zanie350z
18. StillenZ

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

MuscularZ thumping audio system

Good morning BZOCAs and readers. 2 teasers from BZOCA members revealed so far and here is our last teaser brought to you by MuscularZ. Hes been going back and forth for his design, layout setup since Sept 08 and finally came up with what you see below. Excellent execution in setup, style and installation. Will let the pics do the talking (apologies for a few blurry pics)... enjoy...

MuscularZ custom signature

Weapon of choice = Fusion

2 subs, 2 amps and 2 components

And a power cap

Now we have lights

MuscularZ brighten up the night

Fusion beware

Custom power cap

Rear custom speaker mounts

A member with a devilish smile

Great setup MuscularZ, the long wait was worth it. Not only made BZOCA proud but also kept the ball rolling in awesome modding ideas for our fellow members. BZOCA approved..!!

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